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Storm Water Drainage and Detention Design for Carmen Dental


Site Design


University of Oklahoma


Municipal Engineering


2,673-LF of 16-in.

ductile iron pipe


382-LF of 20-in.

ductile iron pipe


25-LF of 20-in. steel pipe


Carmen Dental


Civil Site Design

The development of a 1.23 acre project site for a new Carmen Dental Office Complex consisted of a 4,700 square-foot dental office, a 1,200 square-foot detached garage, sidewalks, concrete parking lots, and two (2) entrance drives.

The project site was located South of East Robinson Street and East of Sonoma Park Drive. The proposed project site also encompasses three (3) undeveloped lots.

The site development increased the impervious areas by 43% over the pre-developed conditions. This increase in impervious area slightly increased the amount of storm water runoff for the 2 to 100-year frequency storms by 97%. The City of Norman Design Guidelines allows a fee in lieu of constructing an on-site storm water detention facility at the discretion of the City Engineer. So, the proposed development requested a fee in lieu of on-site detention based on the following:

  • The project site was located at the top of two (2) separate drainage sub-basins.

  • Adjacent properties that had been recently developed did not have on-site storm water detention facilities.

  • The increase in impervious area was 43% over the existing site conditions.

  • The increase in storm water runoff from the site for the most frequent storm events (2-25 year events) was 97%.

  • The maximum storm water detention required (2,100 cubic feet) was less than 0.048 acre-feet of storage.

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