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Chilled Waterline Extension to Four Partners Place 



Municipal Engineering


University of Oklahoma


Municipal Engineering


2,673-LF of 16-in.

ductile iron pipe


382-LF of 20-in.

ductile iron pipe


25-LF of 20-in. steel pipe

In 2012, Cabbiness Engineering was responsible for developing construction plans for the installation of new chilled water lines to service The University of Oklahoma’s Research Campus.

Construction of the chilled water lines was required to provide redundant service for the growing demand on the Research Campus. The Weather Center and Four Partners Place are both critical facilities that require continuous chilled water service for daily operations.

The first of two challenging utility conflicts was a City of Norman 16-inch domestic water line that paralleled the chilled water lines the length of the project and then crossed over the new chilled water lines. This water line and additional adjacent utility crossings constricted the space to complete the tie-in at the new valve vault by forcing the roadway bores down to a greater depth than was originally anticipated.

A second conflict arose near Chilled Water Plant No. 3. First, the existing chilled water lines had to remain in service. Second, a supporting thrust block crossed the alignment for both the return and supply lines. A second set of bores were conducted to pass beneath the thrust block as to not disturb its location.

The successful completion of this project provided the redundant services needed to provide continuous service so maintenance and modifications to the system could be completed.

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