Western Avenue Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

Rehabilitation and Replacement


Municipal Engineering


University of Oklahoma


Municipal Engineering


2,673-LF of 16-in.

ductile iron pipe


382-LF of 20-in.

ductile iron pipe


25-LF of 20-in. steel pipe


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Municipal Engineering



2,705-LF of 21-Inch Pipe Bursting

4,545-LF of 24-Inch Pipe Bursting

200-LF of 24-Inch Open Cut Trench Pipe Installation

39 New or Rehabilitated Manholes

1,800-SY of Pavement Removal and Replacement

In 2012, Cabbiness Engineering was selected by the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Water and Wastewater Utilities Department for their trenchless rehabilitation and repair expertise needed for the 24-Inch Western Avenue Sanitary Sewer Interceptor.

The existing, large diameter sewer was over 80 years old and was in dire need of repair. With the continual revitalization of downtown Oklahoma City and the fully developed, 598 acre drainage basin contributing to most of the flow to this interceptor, its function is critical to the overall sewer system for this area. Another critical factor associated with this project was that this sewer interceptor is located within several planned public and private development projects as well as large scale state transportation projects.

So, the Cabbiness Engineering team evaluated the existing sewer pipe, conducted field survey and reconnaissance of the drainage basin, researched as-built plans, and conducted staff interviews to identify all of the project’s goals and objectives. The final design concluded that a slight upsizing of the existing sewer by means of trenchless rehabilitation (i.e. pipe bursting) was necessary for current flows and to meet the anticipated future demands.

Also, approximately 7,450 linear feet of sewer pipe was located underneath several urban arterial streets and passed under and adjacent to Interstate 40, so construction sequencing to accommodate local commuter traffic as well as existing businesses was a challenge. However, the Cabbiness team worked alongside the owner and general contractor to develop a sensible construction schedule and work plan that accommodated everyone.

The following list is made up of some specific quantities take from the project:

  • 2,705 linear feet of 21-Inch pipe bursting

  • 4,545 linear feet of 24-Inch pipe bursting

  • 200 linear feet of 24-Inch open cut trench pipe installation

  • 39 new or rehabilitated manholes

  • 1,800+ square yards of pavement removal and replacement

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