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J. Bret Cabbiness, PE is the Owner/Principal of Cabbiness Engineering, LLC and brings to our team over two decades of project management, government agency, and municipal engineering experience.  He is a consistent, deadline-driven leader with a proven track record of success and expertise.  

Along with his 28 years of expertise and experience, he brings his local knowledge, stemming from his upbringing in Western Oklahoma.  Throughout his career, he has created a known-foundation built upon his strong Oklahoma values and he has remained committed to actively upholding these guiding principals in every professional endeavor he manages.

Bret has worked with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, various Oklahoma municipalities, nationally recognized engineering and architectural firms, as well as the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority for most of his career, allowing him the opportunity to establish well-rounded working relationships with various agencies and project-related officials.  He makes it a goal in every project he has a hand in to work closely with everyone involved to ensure that they fully understand the fundamental cause(s) and the suggested improvement options and concepts in the early stages before proceeding to full analysis and approval.

ADA Compliant Certified

Brett Moran, PE_Suit Jacket_Edited_Resiz


Transportation Design Manager

Brett Moran has worked on numerous projects that have involved addressing transportation infrastructure to solve safety, congestion, as well as environmental and economic issues through sustainable design procedures. Through his experience, he has the capability to evaluate a project location’s existing conditions and design/document intelligent, data-rich solutions that not only solve transportation issues, but preserve historical and cultural resources as well. Brett has worked on multiple projects that encompass roadway modifications throughout the state of Oklahoma. He has designed numerous Oklahoma Transportation and municipal roadway projects, allowing him to determine the most feasible and cost effective, forward-thinking design for each specific project. 

ADA Compliant Certified

Sean Price.JPG


Project Engineer

Sean Price joined our firm in 2018 and brings several years of municipal design and project management experience with him. Sean specializes in water transmission/distribution and sanitary sewer designs, and has performed various water system studies to augment existing infrastructure and projects. Additionally, he has a proven track record leveraging demand calculations and future projections to form sensible and innovative solutions.

ADA Compliant Certified

Ed Harris_Cropped_Edited.jpg


Project Design Support & Construction Inspection

Ed Harris brings to our team 17 years of experience in the  Oklahoma Transportation industry. His main inspection project role is to work closely with our project engineers to handle and maintain all aspects associated with the public safety, time management, cost management, quality management, on-site decision making and on-site design interpretations. Additionally, he as the thorough understanding that is needed to interpret and explain design plans and contract terms to the necessary project-related groups. 

ADA Compliant Certified



Project Design Support

Helen has 37 years of diverse design experience as it relates to the Civil Engineering industry. She has been responsible for the drafting needs for various projects, such as the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the Broadway Extension in Oklahoma City. Her role with our team is to provide technical support to engineers and other designers to help facilitate multiple design solutions and to ensure project practices and drafting workflows are optimized.

ADA Compliant Certified

IMG_1654 (2).jpg


Project Design Support

Austin Anderson has proven to have a well-defined understanding of how his designs impact the overall design and constructability of a project. He works closely with our project engineers to prepare drawings and maps, particularly in municipal design projects. Additionally, he has the proven experience to create conceptual renderings that our clients can use to see a holistic view of a project, as well as help communicate the future value of a project to the public.

ADA Compliant Certified



Project Design Support

Joseph Taylor embodies a student mentality. Being a full-time engineering student, our transportation engineers work with him to develop realistic and feasible solutions on a variety of projects. He specializes in creating and preparing detailed drawing files utilizing the necessary topographic and geotechnical data to be used in constructing highways, municipal roadways, and multi-use ADA trails.

ADA Compliant Certified

Melissa Corrick_Edited.png


Office Manager & Project Design Support

Melissa wears a lot of hats in our office from the document manager, office manager, marketing manager, and project design support.  Her attention to detail ensures the office runs smoothly.

John Strahorn 4.jpeg


Project Engineer

John joins our team upon his graduation with a BS in Civil Engineering.  His focus so far has been on roadway, drainage, and sidewalk projects.

Colby Codner 2.JPEG


Project Manager

Colby brings a wealth of knowledge to our team with his experience in plan production, construction inspection, and surveys.  His considerable ability and attention to detail is a great asset to project management.

Jaylynn Debaets 2.jpeg


Project Design Support

Jaylynn is currently in school learning to be a CADD Drafter.  Her on the job training is helping her apply what she is learning in school as she supports our team.

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