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2,673-LF of 16-in.

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ductile iron pipe


25-LF of 20-in. steel pipe


BG Lubrication

Specialists, Inc.


Civil Site Design

This project included the development of a warehouse building for the existing business located at 6601 West Wilshire Boulevard.

The current owner purchased the adjacent property located at 6565 West Wilshire Boulevard for the proposed addition. The project included demolition of an existing car wash and associated pavement and utilities. And the proposed construction included a warehouse addition and concrete parking area and drives.


The proposed project encompassed two different addresses, two single lots at 6601 and 6565 West Wilshire Boulevard. The lot at 6601 West Wilshire historically drained from the Southwest to the Northeast of the site to an existing concrete flume, then into a grassed lined drainage channel. The 6565 West Wilshire lot historically drained in the same pattern to the same existing flume. The car wash bays were designed to each drain to an inlet inside each bay and then to grease traps that enter the sanitary sewer. All surface areas outside of the car wash bays drained to the same existing flume as the 6601 Wilshire site.


Neither site had an existing detention pond and the proposed construction did not add any additional impervious areas. The new building construction was located where the pavement was once located so there was no additional impervious areas created by the warehouse addition. The proposed pavement was also placed in the same boundaries as the existing pavement. Therefore, there was no additional impervious areas created as a result of the proposed construction.


The new construction proposed to take the drainage from both lots to the Southeast corner of the site. The existing flume was demolished and essentially reconstructed at the Southeast end of the proposed parking area and the concrete flume now drains into the grass lined channel where the site had historically drained. Additionally, this proposed flume contains a 100 year flow.

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